FOREX 2.0: C6 Expert Advisor – 2 Accounts – 1 Month Full License

Download page of  C6 EA by Forex 2.0 Full Version

By subscribing here you’ll get al full working license of our C6 Expert Advisor on one account.

Your License will expire exactly in one month starting from now.


When entering data for the license, BE VERY CAREFUL that the following data are the same as your MT4 accounts:

1. Name
2. Surname
3. e-mail
4 account number

If the data entered at the time of the license purchase will not match those of your MT4 account, you will be notified: “Invalid Account” and the expert advisor will not work.

In this case, you will need a new license string.

And also please make sure to copy and paste the license code into the “license” field inside the expert advisor settings
taking care not to copy blank spaces at the beginning or at the end of the license string.

Inside the zip file you download, you will find:

  • The expert advisor (C6_v.12.ex4) to be copied to the folder “MQL4 / Expert”
  • The “C6 installation guide.pdf” file containing the instructions for installing the expert advisor in your Metratrader 4
  • The “C6 settings guide.pdf” file contains all the explanations for each setting entry


Once you have copied the expert advisor into the appropriate folder, you can decide which settings to use by choosing them in this page:

You can use as many settings as you want, we recommend that you do not exceed 10-12 settings on a single MT4 account.

Remember that for each settings file you have to open a chart, copy the expert advisor C6 on it, and load a different .set file on each one.