The max profit and the min risk in the same EA
We do not say it, figures and facts say it.
No other forex robot is even close to C6 performance.

Try it for one month at a special price:
you'll see that its price is minimal compared to the huge profit it can give you!
A level of profit never reached before
Forex 2.0 introduces you his new generation expert advisor.
Its name is C6, which stands for Correlation at six, with a much higher return and lower risk than expert advisors on the market today.
Higher Level Strategy
C6 is working on multiple instruments, thus ensuring a steady profit and low drawdown and trading in the medium-long term.
C6 has a high level of security and doesn't need stop-losses.
Steady Profit, Low Drawdown
This EA is the final result of a years-lasting research. It's are working on multiple pairs, so it was impossible to backtest it. It was therefore necessary testing it in real time. After testing hundreds of different settings, we finally got the most profitable and lowest risk expert advisor.
Risk level minimized
Before releasing the definitive version of C6 we opened hundreds of test accounts.
In every test we performed we made improvements, to reduce the risk.
Now after 5 years and almost one thousand tests, we can release the definitive version of the EA
Safety first,
then look for the maximum profit
Many sellers EA promise overdone profits, but all of these are closing up shop after a short time, pocketing the sales profits, certainly not with profits of their trading systems.
Instead, we know that forex is a brutal business, and that it's not worth to risk a lot of money. That's why our system is born with the imperative of starting with a small capital
Wide range of settings,
unlimited possibilities
Our system operates on six pairs correlation. You can imagine how many thousands of different combinations you can get. Well, after years of testing, we have reduced these groups of 6 pairs to about 12 .

Performances are constantly monitored and visible on the settings analysis page. It's up to you to choose your favourite settings.

Why C6 is different from all other Expert Advisors

C6 differs from all other expert advisors for several reasons: first of all it operates globally in the forex market, using most of the main forex pairs and opening dozens of trades at the same time: in this way the deviations in one direction by some pairs are offset by the movement of other pairs in the opposite direction; temporary misalignments are our main source of profit.

Then, unlike almost all other forex robots, profit is never calculated in terms of pips but as a percentage of profit on equity.

Furthermore, we do not use stop losses, our experience has shown us that they are harmful in the long run; with careful and low-risk money management, trades sooner or later always close in profit.

For this reason our trades can last weeks, but with dozens of open trades and using low lotsizes, the relative drawdown is kept at low levels.

As shown by the pie chart below, the open transactions are well distributed by the different pairs.

Latest news

Subscription procedure now available again

Hello, dear visitors of Forex 2.0, I’m happy to inform you that the subscription process is active again. I modified the steps, now it happens like this: -1. You sign up and pay the corresponding amount -2. I send you a confirmation e-mail and ask you the MT4 account number where activate the expert advisor -3. You reply to my e-mail sending me the number of your MT4 account -4. I send you the license key. -5. You choose your favorite settings on the “Settings Analysis” page and copy them

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WARNING: Avoiding “Invalid License” message

I keep on receiving emails from users who, at the time of activation of the expert advisor, get the message “Invalid License” This is due in 99% of cases, because they have not read carefully the instructions on the website or in the attached installation guide . Here below you will find again the instructions on how to correctly enter the requested data: When entering data for the license, BE VERY CAREFUL that the following data are the same as your MT4 accounts: 1. Name 2. Surname 3. e-mail 4

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Paypal alternatives

Hello everyone, in your e-mails I read that in some countries Paypal is not available and you ask me to use Skrill or Moneybookers as an alternative payment gateway. Unfortunately, the online payment plugin I use for my site (Easy Digital Downloads) no longer supports these payment gateways. The only alternative payment available is bank transfer. If you are interested in subscribing C6 expert advisor, write me an email, I’ll send you my bank details. Thank you all

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Unlimited profit, drawdown under control, NO MARTINGALE ! We use advanced and low-risk recovery strategies


We can’t backtest our system since it’s multicurrency. We tested our EA in real-time for years, looking for best settings


Detailed setup instructions with our step-by-step guide, no action required after installation. Set and forget !


Here you can see our performance. You can find even more profitable settings customizing the EA !

C6 main features:

C6 EA is in action 5 days out of 5 and 24 hours, has no breaks, because it does not work on indicators, but on mathematical and statistical models.

The installation of the expert advisor is the part that requires more attention. It may take several minutes, and is crucial to the proper start of trading operations. Improper setting can compromise the good functioning of the expert. For this reason, at the time of subscription, we provide you with a detailed installation guide, so you can do it in the shortest time and without any mistakes. After installation, no other operation will be required from you.


After years of tests, we have realized this is the highest profit level achievable while maintaining a relatively low level of risk.

We’ve tried more incisive settings searching for a higher profit, but in the end we saw that the risk was too high.

In any case, maintaining a constant 1% daily profit means a monthly return of around 35-40%.

Keep in mind two facts: the daily profit percentage of our expert advisor is on a compound basis. This means that 1% daily on a $ 1,000 capital at the start will be $ 10, when it will reach 2,000 will be $ 20 a day and when it comes to $ 10,000 will be $ 100 and so on.

 The second fact is that the daily profit rate, which is certified by Myfxbook (the highest authority in the Forex), is calculated on 7 days per week and not on 5, which is the actual trading days in a week.

And currently, our expert advisor is getting a 1.10-1.20% daily profit !

DAILY 1% IN FACTS (Starting with 1,000 $):

35% MONTHLY (Conservatively, without withdrawals) :

        1,350 $ after 1 month

        1,800 $ after 2 months

        6,000 $ after 6 months

         36,000  $ after 1 year
  1,340,000 $ after 2 years
49,000,000 $ after 3 years
3,600% yearly !

C6 EA performance with best settings:

C6 Logo Small

C6 expert advisor is a trading system that always looking for better settings.

The reports below are the best results of years of tests.

C6 Low Risk
Magic Numbers 460-461-463
Broker : Vipro Markets
Leverage : 1:500
Started on : 2018/01/26
Expert Advisor: C-6 V.12
Starting Amount : 1000
Starting Base Lot: 0.02
Number of charts: 3
C6 Medium Risk
Magic Numbers 451-452-453-455-456-457-459-460-461-462-463
Broker : Vipro Markets
Leverage : 1:500
Started on : 2018/01/09
Expert Advisor: C-6 V.12
Starting Amount : 2000
Starting Base Lot: 0.02
Number of charts: 11
C6 Best Profit Lowest DD
Magic Numbers 451-455-456-457-459-460-461-466
Broker : Tickmill
Leverage : 1:500
Started on : 2018/03/24
Expert Advisor: C-6 V.12
Starting Amount : 1000
Starting Base Lot: 0.01
Number of charts: 8
C6 Logo Small

Looking for the best trading system


Our trading system is born with the purpose of looking for the maximum profit with the minimum risk. So we created the expert advisor that operate on multiple correlations, up to 6 pairs each. In addition, operating on multiple charts, each one with different instruments, and keeping low lotsizes, we apply the fundamental principle of the reduction of risk in trading: the diversification of the instruments.

We start all demos with a balance of 1000 or 2000 EUR for two reasons:
First, to to submit the accounts to an endurance test. If it survives for a few months with this rather small starting capital, with higher amounts, risk will be much smaller.
Second, forex is by its nature a high-risk investment. We do not believe that it’s appropriate to risk large amounts opening an account.

C6 Logo Small

Years and years of testing


We are testing our EA since early 2012.
Being an EA working on multiple instruments simultaneously our system cannot be backtested on Metatrader.
For this reason, we had to test the expert advisor in real-time.
We start from a trading plan, and begin to test it.
We tested dozens and dozens of pairs, with dozens and dozens of different settings.
When an EA does not get the desired profit, or generates a drawdown too high, we modify the settings and start again the test.
As the tests progresses, we make improvements to our EA.
After years of testing we have finally found the more suitable instruments and settings.
But we do not stop here: the research to make even more powerful Forex 2.0  goes on!
C6 Logo Small

A challenge to the limit of endurance


Creating an expert advisor can be quite simple, having the necessary skills. Backtesting an expert advisor working on a single pair is a breeze, you start the backtest and let it go. At the end you have the answer, if positive you have already solved the question, otherwise you try again until you’re satisfied with the result, even if with long term minimum profit (although theoretical). Working on multicurrency expert advisors is not so easy however. On Metatrader you just cannot test them. On the internet many promise infallible backtest systems. We’ve tried them all, no one gives you reliable results! The only way was to arm ourselves with patience and courage and begin a path that we knew could last many years. WE HAVE DONE WHAT NO ONE IN THE TRADING WOULD DARE TO DO: namely, losing months, months, years to finally get a TRULY WINNING EXPERT ADVISOR

A typical MT4 window with C6 in action:

C6 expert advisor is different, even in his look

Our strong point: market diversification = risk reduction

Diversification is a technique that reduces risk by allocating investments among various financial instruments.
It aims to maximize return by investing in different areas that would each react differently to the same event.
It’s the most important component of reaching long-range financial goals while minimizing risk.

C6 Low Risk account


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C6 Logo Small

C6 EA subscription table :

Don't you have a Paypal account ? Don't worry !

Write us ! Now we also accept payments by bank transfer

15 days trial subscription

Welcome offer, not renewable
1 account, real or demo*
100% full features, as full price subscriptions.
* Recommended !!
One time only try-then-buy offer
  • 100% operating as the full version
60% OFF !!

Monthly full subscription

Starting at once or after the trial period
1 account, real or demo
No automatic renewal
  • Monthly subscription renewal, no minimum time limit
  • 1 MT4 Account

Yearly full subscription

Starting at once or after the trial period
1 account, real or demo
Nice Price, 4 months free !!!
  • Nice Price

    4 Months free subscription !!
33% OFF !!

Expert Installation on VPS

In our step by step guide included with the expert advisor you can find the instructions for installing and starting the expert.
If you can’t do this by yourself we can help you.
One time


In summary:

  1. A revolutionary Expert Advisor
  2. Multiple subscription plans, according to your needs
  3. Drawdown always under control
  4. Created to start with small capital
  5. Always looking for better performances and lower DD
  6. Economic news are the source of our greatest profit

With these features, C6 EA is definitely one of the best expert advisors on the market, which guarantees high profits, drawdown always under control, and, by its very nature, long-lasting performance.
C6 EA does not use technical analysis, candlestick analysis. We only use mathematical models tested in the very long term.
C6 EA does not work on single trades, but on groups of up to six closely related pairs.
This strategy allows you to close all trades groups in profit. It may take several minutes, or even days, but in the end you will have a safe profit.


Our Expert Advisor needs a Metatrader 4 platform always open, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, to ensure results equal to those obtained by us. A voluntary or accidental shutdown of Metatrader 4 and a subsequent restart will cause malfunction of expert advisors and serious loss of capital.

Therefore we strongly recommend the use of a Forex VPS server to ensure the 24/7 working without reboots and forex dedicated.

Our performances were obtained using the service ForexVPS Linkuphost http://www.linkuphost.com, which guarantees a safe service and high speed, and is at the top in the user ratings.

If you use only one or two instances of Metatrader, will be sufficient service ForexVPS22, for further instances, behave in proportion.